Welcome to Project 7: The Lucky Crypto Universe!

Where Lucky Number 7
Meets Crypto Heaven


Step into the world of Project 7

where we've harnessed the power of the luckiest number to create a crypto experience like no other. Just as there are 7 wonders of the world, prepare to wonder at the possibilities of Project 7.

Our Vision 🌟

Much like a lucky rabbit's foot or a horseshoe over a door, Project 7 is here to bring fortune and prosperity to all who believe in the magic of 7. With 7 times the potential and 7 times the fun, we're aiming for nothing short of crypto greatness.

Why Project 7? 💰

Lucky Number 7
In cultures around the world, 7 is the number of good luck and fortune. Why settle for less?
7 Wonders of Crypto
We're building a crypto world that's a wonder in its own right, just like the pyramids of Egypt or the Great Wall of China.
7 is Heaven
Dive into the seventh heaven of crypto, where profits rain like confetti at a Simpsons parade.
Secure and Transparent:
We've left no stone unturned, just like an archaeologist seeking the lost city of Atlantis. Our LP is locked, and the contract is renounced for your peace of mind.

Tokenomics 💰

Total Supply:
Lucky Tax:
CEX: 2% | Marketing: 3% | Reflection to holders: 2%


Phase 1
  • Website Launch (V1)
  • Whitepaper Launch
  • Whitelist presale
  • launch on pancakeswap
  • 1,000+ Telegram Members
  • Lottery Dapp
  • Ai Bot Track Rewards
  • Marketing Campaign
  • CoinGecko Listing
  • CoinMarketCap Listing
  • 2,000+ Twitter Followers
  • 1,000+ Holders
Phase 2
  • Lucky Dapp
  • 5,000+ Holders
  • 5,000+ Telegram Members
  • Community Marketing Push
  • YouTube Presence
  • CEX Listing(s)
  • First Utility TBA
  • Partnerships
  • Giveaways/Contests
Phase 3
  • 10,000+ Telegram members
  • 10,000+ Holders
  • Top tier CEX listing(s)
  • Second Utility TBA
  • Much more TBA


  • Flora


  • Liliana


  • Carlo


  • Alex


  • Hector


How to Buy Lucky 7

Step 1

Transfer BNB to your Metamask wallet to convert to $7

Step 2

Connect your wallet to Pancakeswap and paste the $7 token address into the Swap

Step 3

Adjust the price slippage by 5-7%. Agree to confirm the transaction


Coming soon
Coming soon

Join the Lucky Revolution! 🌈

Why settle for ordinary when you can have 7? We're not just another crypto project; we're the jackpot you've been waiting for. From 7-lane highways to 7-course meals, the number 7 has always been associated with excellence, and we're no exception.
Disclaimer: While we believe in the power of 7, please remember that luck can be as fickle as a cat chasing a laser pointer. Invest responsibly and enjoy the ride.
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